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Steerable transfer cart
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 Steerable Transfer Car


Steerable transfer cars are designed to transport heavy load. They are capable of transporting load up to 300 tons and are often used in conjunction with overhead cranes. The car is driven from one area of the plant to another across smooth to semi-smooth floors. Operators control the car travel direction and speed using a hand held pendant or remote radio controller.
The cars can be customized to application requirements.


1) Travelling Speed : Variable ( max speed : 25 m/min)
2) Drive on smooth or semi-smooth floor.
3) Drive Unit : Geared DC motor with disc brake. Protection grade, IP 44
4) Power supply and traction controllers: storage battery in accordance with GB/T 7403.1-1996

    (also abide by 91/155/EEC and ISO 11014-1), which comply with Procedure and any applicable requirements

    of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
5) On-board battery charger (QB/T 2947.1-2008,reference to GB4943-2001,IEC60950,UL60950).
6) The Car controlled by hand held push button pendent controller.
7) Flat tread steel wheels: double-2 front swiveling steel casters, 2 rear fixed drive urethane or steel wheels.
8) Turning radius = wheel base
9) Car movement: left, right, forward, reverse, and 2 travel speeds: slower & faster.



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