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Motorized transfer vehicle on turntable
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Motorized transfer vehicle on turntable

Turnplate rail transfer cart is a kind of transfer cart which can run on the 90º turning railway. The kind of car is our new developing product.Working principle: when the transfer cart runs on the turnplate, turn the turnplate automatically or with manpower to connect the railway on the turnplate with the 90º turning railway, and then the transfer cart will run on the 90º turning railway. This turnplate rail transfer cart is suitable to be used on the annular railway and crossing railway for the equipment producing line. The turnplate system has the features of stable driving, high accuracy of rail connection and can be totally automatically operated.

It realises the rail turns on the vertical direction and meets factory special demand.It offers more convenience for factory.If you are interested in our prouct, please contact with us by email or telephone.We are looking forward to your cooperation.


Keywords:  motorized transfer vehicle; rail transfer cart, turntable

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