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Steerable transfer trolley
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 Steerable transfer trolley

BWXP series transfer trolley is a kind of trackless material handling trolley. It is powered by the storage battery. The battery is installed  on the handling trolley and we also equip intelligent charger for it. The transfer trolley is controlled to go forward, backward,turn left, and turn right adjust speed through PLC, speed controller.Because it do not need to run on rails, so it  has these advantages of  using conveniently, safe and reliable, simple operation,low cost, and high efficiency. Because it can realize wireless remote control, so it is convenient for workshops transportation in factory. It is suitable for crossing transportation of  heavy workpiece, transfer,assemble inter-bays in standardized factory. 

The trackless transfer trolley is made of cart frame, motor,driving device, fixed wheels, swivel wheels, battery, charger, braking device,controller,speed controller, caution device, operation device and safe detecting device and so on.

Cart turning:  The trolley turns around the any fixed wheel and turn 360 degree. The turning radius is the trolley length.


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