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Steerable towed trolley
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Steerable towed trolley

Product brief:

Steerable towed trolley also named trackless towed cart itself has no power, which is towed by forklift or other vehicle. There is a drawbar on the end of the cart and is convenient to tow. It runs on cement floor and can turn freely. It uses urethane wheels and doesn’t damage the floor.

Product features:

1.       Powerless and trackless
2.       Cost effective
3.       Urethane Wheels
4.       Fully steerable
5.       Capacity range: 1-50t
6.       Box beam structure
7.       Easy maneuver
8.       Good turning capacity
9.       Heavy loading
Product application:
1. The trackless towed carts are material handling carts that run on the shop floor level. The carts come in many sizes, styles and capacities designed to suit your operations specific needs.
2. They are extensively used in painting shops, quarries, warehouses and multi-bay workshops in order to transfer loads in a hassle-free manner.
3. Besides, the carts are also suitable for several working environments, such as:
1). the coking plant;
2).steel mill/ steel billet/ hot rolled coil/ blooms, etc.
3). shipbuilding
4). Paper roll transfer
5). Power plant
Parameter list of towed trolley
Load capacity (t)
Max load 50t
Table size(mm)
Forklift or other vehicle
Wheel dia
Working environment
Cement floor or steel floor
Apply in workshop for workpiece, raw material, finish product transfer.
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