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In-plant transport system applied in foundry plant
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In-plant transport system is a kind of rail handling tool in plant. It is applied to transport heavy duty cargo from one bay to another along fixed path. The transport system is powered by battery and controlled by remote control. The detailed information as follows:

30t battery transfer car parameters:

Load Capacity 30T
Supply Power Mode Battery power
Table Size(L*W) 5000*4400mm
Table Height 1423mm
Rail gauge 4000mm
Running Speed 20-35m/min
Running distance 43m
Motor power 6kw
Wheel Diameter 400
Wheel Pressure 61KN
Rail type 60 Square bar

Features: 1. Width table size, it is depatched for shipment;

                2.Variable speed

               3.Applied foundry plant for open die

              4. Push button pendant or remote control

              5.Safe and convenient

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