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30t automatic die cart system
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30t automatic die cart system

1.Product brief

Automatic die cart system is a kind of handling system in mold factory.

It is powered by battery and can turn with 360 degree;

The speed is 0-15m/min, start steadily and gradually accelerate to ensure the cargo transportation safety.

It runs on plane floor in the bay of factory

Easy to operate and be convenient to use.

No runing distance limitation and don't need rails.


die car parameter
Load capacity(t) 30t
Table size(mm) 4000*2000*600
Power supply mode battery
Speed(m/min) 0-15m/min
Turning radium(m) 3.5
Wheel base(mm) 2500
Operation  way Remote control
Wheel diamaeter 400


 Die handling
- Portable machine base
- Assembly mount
- Metal coil transporter
- Heavy equipment transporter with lift deck
- Structural steel transporter
- Shuttle cart for pipe
- Pre-cast concrete production cart
- Portable base for jib arm with spreader beam

4.Detailed photo

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