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Flame method correction of welding deformation of steel structure on motorized transfer cart
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Flame method correction of welding deformation of steel structure on motorized transfer cart.

If the welding deformation of steel structure is beyond the limit designed, it has to be corrected and make it meet quality requirements. Practice proves that most deformation of steel structures can be reformative. The correction method is to try to make new deformation to offset the one happened.
In practice widely used of correction method, it is based on mechanical modification, flame correction and comprehensive correction. But the flame correction is a very difficult operation. If you don't have the technique to master temperature, newly greater deformation would be occured to the steel structure . Therefore, the flame correction operation needs rich practical experience.

So this article tries to roughly analyse and list the category of welding deformation of steel structure, correction methods.
Steel structure of the welding deformation types and flame correction:
The main components of steel structure is H steel column, steel bridge, support, etc. Correction to their welding deformation is by the following methods.
(1) liner heating, (2) pointlike heating, (3) triangular heating.
Heating temperature to low-carbon steel by flame
Low temperature correction 500 - 600 C° with water cooling.
Moderate temperature correction 600 - 700 C° with water, air cooling.
High temperature correction 700 - 800 C° with air cooling.

Note: excessive heating and very temperature is unfavorable, which leads metal to embrittlement, influence impact toughness.
When 16 Mn steel is with high temperature correction, water cooling is not suggested, nor be thick steel and greater hardened tendency steel.

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