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Logistic flow on production of transfer carts
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  • The manufacturer on tansfer carts. Its logistics of flow is always big issue. Cargo container assortment is listed as follows for your reference.

    Cargo containers are used to transport many kinds of cargo, sometimes on boats and other times on planes, trains or trucks. A wide variety of cargo containers are used in the course of transportation. Knowing about the main types of these containers can help business owners or private citizens interested in transporting a large amount of cargo at once.

Standard Type Cargo Containers

  • The most standard type of cargo container has the appearance of large metal boxes. They are usually constructed from either aluminum or steel. They are closed on all sides. These types of containers can be used for land, sea, or rail travel. These containers are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures without affecting their functionality. These containers are recommended for use with dry cargo. These types of containers usually come in either 20-foot or 40-foot models.

Pallet Wide Containers

  • Pallet wide containers are normally used in Europe and have slightly different dimensions than the standard type of cargo container. Mostly, these types of containers are a bit wider than the types of containers used elsewhere in the world.

Hard Top Containers

  • Hard top containers are identical to standard type cargo containers except they have a removable roof. Sometimes, this roof will have points to help forklifts more easily lift them. The other aspect of this type of container that differentiates it from standard containers is the header for the side doors, which swivels open, allowing two whole sides of the container to be open at one time.

Open Top Containers

  • Open top containers operate on the same principle as hard top containers, but in their case the top is made from PVC as opposed to steel. In addition, the roof will also have removable bows for added structural integrity. This type of container is very useful for tall or bulky cargo such as machinery, that may not lend itself to standard packing.

Contoured Air Cargo Containers

  • Contoured air cargo containers are built to fit the shape of an airplane's fuselage. They usually consist of a frame in the shape of the plane, with netting or doors made from either steel or fiberglass on the sides. The doors can usually be sealed should that be necessary.

Refrigerated Containers

  • Refrigerated containers are used to ship perishable materials. Usually, these containers are outfitted with a refrigeration system that delivers cold air from the bottom of the container. These containers are usually powered by a generator. Sometimes, this generator is a component of the container, and in other models the generator is simply hooked up to the container.

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