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Instruction on track installation to transfer carts in mines
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Instruction on track installation to transfer carts in mines

Product information: KPJ transfer cart
Payload:           5 ton
Track length:   50 meters

The construction procedure of track is as follows:
1.  Dig a pit deep 615mm, width 2446mm, long 50.30m and make ramming on flat level.

2.  Make concrete foundation on the rammed pit, the thickness 360 mm, width 2446 mm,
length 50.30 mm.

3.  Track base ( reserve holes of chemical anchor bolt and wiring slots): 
when the lower concrete foundation is concretion completely, 
cover another layer of concrete over it with thickness 130 mm, width 2446 mm, and length 50.30 mm, within which 4   rows by  83   holes of chemical anchor bolt are to be reserved and each hole's diameter is at 100 mm, its deep 120mm, the interval between holes 600 mm. Chemical anchor bolts are used for fixing and mounting steel rails.

4. Take the middle position between ends of the track as the wiring slot that is width 120 mm and deep 335 mm for embedding ¡é70 mm wiring pipe.

5.  Levelling the foundation: C20 concrete at proportion 1 : 2 = cement : sand, pave it at 360 mm wide, 30 mm thick to level the foundation. Inspection: the altitude difference of length wise direction ±2mm, crosswise altitude difference ±3mm.

6.  Embed the chemical anchor blots uprightly in the reserved holes.

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