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Xinxing Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical What the transfer cart is ?
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Xinxing Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical What the transfer cart is ?

Transfer Carts carry loads across floors or on rails. Applications include bay-to-bay transfer (often used in conjunction with overhead cranes), dedicated shuttle carts to move loads along a fixed path, assembly fixture carts or multiple carts to shuttle large assemblies along a series of work cells for a production line build, material shuttle carts to carry a variety of loads (molds, scrap metal, tanks, precast concrete, etc.), a cradle cart to accommodate rolls and coils of material, assembly lift carts for lifting in work spaces with no or insufficient overhead lifting equipment, and die transfer carts to transfer dies to/from storage or repair. Standard carts are DC powered and come in lengths of 4, 6 or 8 feet and widths of 4 or 6 feet. Larger cart capacities and sizes are available for specific applications.

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