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Technical requirement on track turntable of motorized transfer cart
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Technical requirement on track turntable of motorized transfer cart

A. Power supply and unit.
1) KPX-10 track turntable 
2) AC 380 V power supply
3) one set of track turntable on motorized transfer cart.

B. Technical parameter  
1) swing diameter : 3500 mm  
2) swing speed: 0.2 circle / min.   
3) track shift angle: 90 °

C. Description
1) the track turntable is consist of : turntable frame, the turntable platform mounted with steel rail, drive device, control box etc., which technology is imported from Germany advanced patent. The turntable shift angle turn clockwise rotation 90°. It features a rotating flexible, quick response, the use of safe and dependable performance. The turntable steel rail connecting with the track is controlled automatically with the frequency converter, there are safe limit switches at two end positions between 90°, which travel error is less than 2 mm to ensure the turntable accurate orientation; The turntable with auxiliary supporting wheel group to guarantee operation smoothly and safely.

2) turntable frame: consist of longitudinal beam, crossbeam, steel plate on which "#" word skeleton structure is. The configuration, the steel is used in accord with the national standard.

3) drive device system: a motor drives the speed reducer, which turn the power to transmission to push the table rotation. Each element and main body couplin reliable. The braking motor is applied with protection grade IP44, insulation class grade E.

4)Control system with a control panel, and turntable movement: left turn, right turn, micro move, stop with corresponding indicators.

5) derusting and protection coating requirements:on steel plate, steel beam, steel bar, castings and forgings, their surface derusting meet standard GB8923 ST2, coating film thickness is between  90-120 um. Before they leave the factory all exposed parts are to processed with the surface derusted. Surfaces spray anti-rust paint and over it coat dark grey paint. the steel rail need not paint.

6, control system case shell: it is mad with steel plate beautiful and practical, the surface anticorrosive processed, shell plate thickness not less than 2 mm, and a good cooling device, practical maintenance lamp, door lock sturdy and reliable, easy to use.

7, the full configuration adopts all kinds of famous brand industrial components, whole reliability fully guaranteed.
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