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What is transfer cart with hydraulic lifting platform ?
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What is transfer cart with hydraulic lifting platform ?

HPC transfer cart mounted track with hydraulic lifting platform. A reliable solution for the horizontal transferring of loads. With vertical lifting along a fixed path.DescriptionTransfer Carts are mounted on steel rail for shuttling along a fixed path with or without Hydraulic Lifting Arrangement. Standard carts come in lengths of 2 to 4 Meter and widths of 2 or 3 Meter.Transfer cart capacities and sizes are available for specific applications as per Customers’ requirement.Lift capacities: up to 10 tonApplications- Material or stock transfer- Assembly transfer- Tank transfer- transfer of finished productFeatures- Steel deck- Steel wheels- Drive motor- Control panel with push bottom pendent- Hydraulic lifting arrangementVarious Designs- AC power- Cable reel- Warning alarm- Vertical lifting by hydraulically- End stops- Custom paint colour

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