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Troubleshooting for excessive temperature or smoky on motors
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Troubleshooting for excessive temperature or smoky on motors

(1) when the voltage exceeds more than 10% of the rated voltage to motor, or less than 5% of the rated voltage, the motor rated load is likely to get fever, easily temperature rising up.
Check and adjust voltage.
(2) three phase power voltage unbalanced alternate with of more than 5%, and lead to unbalanced current between three phase , finally make the motor get fever.
Check and adjust motor voltage.
(3) a phase fuse wire open circuit or the power switch contact undesirable, cause phase lack operation to lead to overheating.
Overhaul or replace the damaged components.
(4) winding wiring are wrong, mistake Y as triangle connetion, or by mistake the triangle into Y, cause overheating to motor operated under rated load, can make motor overheating.
Check and correct the mistakes.
(5) short circuit or grounding between the stator winding circles or alternate with, make the current increases lead to overheating.
If the fault is not serious, make insulation in good order.
If serious, replace the stator winding.
(6) one of the stator winding opens circuit or some wire breaks in parallelled widings, cause current unbalanced in three phase, and make the windings overheating.
(7) if copper bars break with cage rotor winding or rotor winding rings loose, cause current too strong to cool. Overheat is occured.
Repair and weld copper bar or good copper instead, renew cast aluminum rotor.
(8) when bearing damage or excessive wear etc., the stator and rotor collide with each other.
Check if bearing loose, or stator and rotor assembly poor.
(9) motor load is too large to run.
Reduce load or change the motor with higher power.
(10) machines powered with the motor are out of order, which cause the motor overload, 
Check out fault with machinery and remedy of the trouble.
(11) motor starting too frequent. Reduce start.
(12) environmental temperature is too high (more than 40 ¡æ), make the motor difficult cooling, Measures is taken to drop the temperature.
(13) dust and oil contamination is full of the internal and external, heat dissipation is difficult, Eliminate the dust and contamination.
(14) wind duct to the motor is obstructed, and ventilation is not free and small.
Eliminate dirt and debris.
(15) the fans is damaged, or reverse assembly, or without fans. 
Replacement, or installed correctly, or configurate a fan.

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