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Methods to demount bearing and the attentions
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Methods to demount bearing and the attentions

1. Demounting bearings need to operate by experienced personnel or guided by him
2. It is sure of the method to demount bearings as you are ready for.
3. the necessary uninstall tool to demount bearings is ready for.
4. When you want to reuse or test the demounted bearing, attention to avoid damaging or scratching bearing groove or rolling body. When remove bearings from the housing, hinge bearing on outer ring. When remove it from the shaft, hinge the bearing on inner ring.

Uninstall suggestion:
Main tool: demount by hand or hydraulic tool, special spanner, a pull device, induction heating  (inner ring), creosoting process.
Check whether there is crack initiation, sharp edge, fracture, debris or deformation.

By Bill Wu   keyword: bearing, transfer cart

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