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Cautions in installation and usage of motors to KPD series transfer carts
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Cautions in installation and usage of motors to KPD series transfer carts

1. Check electromotor specification whether the data correspond to actual needs, and whether the inspection technology condition is in good order.
2. Use meg ohm meter to measure ohm between winding coils, and insulation resistance to electromotor shell, if they are less than 0.8 megohm, dry treatment to them.
3. Regarding motor gear transmission, gear pitch diameter are not less than the regulations in table-3.

Table-3  Gear Pitch Diameter

Model                Minimum value of gear pitch diameter
JDYP-11-6        75 mm
JDYP-12-6        75 mm
JDYP-21-6        80 mm
JDYP-22-6        80 mm

4. When moving, and installation motor, pay attention to handle with care. lift the hook from the motor when hanging.

5. Mount the electromotor onto the transfer cart, the motorbase is necessary to connected completely to the steel body, or use wire to joint.

6. When connect lead wire of motor, don't reciprocate their wire heads between. if want to change the motor running direction, swap two wire heads of one winding to another.
7. When connecting up, turn motor shaft by hand. If the motor rotates freely and no scratch. You can switch on power supply. For the initial connection, keep it in empty run and carefully examine listen to abnormal noise, vibration or loosing phenomenon. when assure the motor operation in good order, it can take load.

8. If the transfer cart can't set in motion, stop for inspection of mechanical or electrical fault, after removal of troubles, continue to operation. It cannot be forced to starte.

9, after motor switching on, find vibration of the anomaly noise. Turn off and stop to check if starting component is in failure.
10, When close to end stop, it doesn't reduce speed and stop. Check whether the deceleration control device is in failure. If no design of end stop, you can not push button of reverse operation.

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