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Basic functions and features of brushless DC traction system
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Basic functions and features of brushless DC traction system 

 1. The system includes: brushless DC motor + drive, can be easily achieve forward/backward, stepless speed functions,etc. Full   configuration, overall commisstioning test, excellent performance, convenient operation.

 2. For the brushless motor structure, which does not produce sparks. Do not need to change carbon brushes, protection grade: IP44 which prevent water, mud, soil from the motor. Compact structure, overload ability available, long service life.

 3. Load characteristic is excellent, low speed performance is good, start torque big, small startup current that saves electrical energy and adapts to frequent starting requirements.The motor is higher efficient operation among the wholespeed range than brush DC motor, AC variable frequency motor (high efficient only near rated speed ). Brushless DC motor compared with is much improved.

 4. The motor is equipped with high quality special drive, by imported high performance power module and high-grade control chip. Adopting industrial grade of components which can be operated with environmental temperature at-20°C. Military grade requirement is available which can be operated up to -40 °C. The motor run more smoothly, less fever, lower noise, more efficient, reliable performance.

 5. Pulsed electricity consumption accord with battery discharge properties. Do not need instant battery output large current to prevent battery operated instantly in the low voltage state.compared with a brush DC motor or AC various frequency motor, The battery with a single full charge can make the motor run more 30% ~ 50% of mileage, it can improve battery life by 50%.

 6. The motor adopts plug-in magnets (rare earth magnets steel), especially suitable for requirements of turbulence, repeatedly start, high speed, big torque starting, forward and reverse run.

   7. Motor rotor has strong magnetic field. In the glissade state, power generation effect is good, do not need to absorb the battery power excitation (brush DC motor or AC motor need), energy feedback effect is good, electric braking effect is good,

 8. The motor and the drive is cooled with the air or water. Operation at low temperature,the motor adopts imported high-speed bearing of oiliness, free maintenance, high reliability, motor long life.

 9. Motor models available is horizontal, hanging, whether or not with convex along the check cover mouth, dual axle or spline shaft stretched out. According to the customer demands, different kinds of voltages, all kinds of speed and power requirements of the brushless motor and drive system are available.

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