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The improvement of control circuit to motorized transfer carts
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The improvement of control circuit to motorized transfer carts

Track mounted motorized transfer cart is simple structure, load large, easy to use, low maintenance, no pollution to the environment.
KPD 36 V low voltage transfer cart is especially recommended, its rail is used for electric conduct, simple construction, runnable on curved track., and more security, which is very suitable for metallurgical enterprise and heavy machinery factory, as internal transporting vehicles in and between workshops carrying heavy workpieces.

The manufacturers generally use the control circuit as shown in figure 1. In use we found large no-load loss.
The forward and reverse run is controlled with the forward & reverse contactor K1, K2. Voltage relay KV, and contactor K3 constitutes the switch control of starting and run. Contactor K4 is used for braking control.

Key word: brake system, motorized transfer car, motorized transfer cart, motorized transfer trolley

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