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Bearing usability judgment
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Bearing usability judgment

Bearing usability mainly consides bearing damage degree, mechanical properties, flaws importance, and operating conditions, and overhaul duration of the decision. If there is the following defects the bearing is not reused and must be replaced new bearing.

1, bearing ring, one of rolling body, any is breaken;

2, rolling track, the flange , or rolling balls with significant card injury;

3, the cage is worn significantly or rivets are significant relaxation;

4, rolling track, rolling balls rust, and injured;

5, rolling track, rolling balls have serious indentation and is heavily striked;

6, inner ring surface or outer side have significant creep deformation;

7. Discolor clearly because of the heat;

8, bearing sealed into the bearing grease, the sealing ring or dust shield is the breakage of the apparent;

9, inner ring and outer ring, rolling balls or cage of any has a crack or a gap.
Our company bearing proceeds three times inspections: the warehouse

Firstly, the storage inspection; Second, the outbound inspection;Third, installation inspection.

Our company production of transfer cartswhether overall performance, or small to a bearing or a bolt are rigid inspection , to guarantee completely the overall quality of the car.

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