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The announcements of motorized transfer trolley transportation
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Last two months,we exported two sets carts to syria and three sets carts to turkey.We would like to provide our experience of arranging special motorized transfer trolley's transportation for reference.The announcements of transporting mtorized transfer trolley as follows:

1.Transportion way's choice;due to these cart size are beyond the ordinary container's size.So there are two choices: one is flat rack,the other is bulk ship.The flat rack cost is very high,the bulk ship cost is cheaper than flat rack, but bulk ship is limited by many factors such as volume, port and so on.

2.The announcements when choosing flat rack: .motorized tranfer trolley's dimension, becuase the cart's size is customized and can't change,so must choose the suitable flat container to ensure the rail transfer cart to be placed  in the flat container.

The last , the loading  the trolley must pay more attentiones.For ordinary container, the forklift will be choosed; for flat rack, truck crane will be choosed.But any tool,must pay attention to correctly operate,otherwise the cart's part maybe be damaged due to incorrect operation.

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