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Marketing of the trolley steel wheels
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    Just as the true fact that we have the ability to manufacture almost all kinds of the heavy load trolley steel wheels,which make us can manufacture all kinds of the 1 to 300 tons material handling transfer carts or Steerable towed trolley running on the railway tracks and most importantly can meet the data of some customer's emergency needs.

    We also realized that the trolley steel wheels also have a really big marketing not only in the chinese mainland but also the foreign marketing.We got this for some reasons:frist,the ability of the trolley steel wheels we made can meet the GB standard;second,our foreign rail transfer carts' customers also need the maintance of the tranfer cars and they are also the potential trolley steel wheels' customers;thirdly, we have do the analysis of the trolley steel wheels foreign marketing for almost one and half years which made us have the first data and our competators information.

    So ,for this we decide to do the foreign business of the trolley steel wheels.One other good news is that one of our forign trade customers tell us that they really need the trolley steel wheels and the steel wheels have a really big marketing in their own country,this customer has bought some trolley steel wheels in our factory and he said that he will buy more crane wheels in our factory and he also would like to be our agent in their own country to selll our rail tranfer carts and the crane wheels.

    We believe our rail transfer carts prats such as the crane trolley wheels, rails tracks,garbage compression stations must have a really good marketing.

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