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Standardized design & production process of rail transfer wagon
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    The news catch the standardized design and production process last time.

    Commissioning Area:In this area,we will test the semi-finished rail transfer wagon by commissioning repeatedly,trial operation and fatigue test till meeting quality standards.Such as the wheels of debugging,whether the warning light is normal and so on.When all the index are normal,indicate the wagon has been finished.then carry the cart to the Finished products Area.

    Finished products Area:The area mainly in order to put the finished rail transfer wagon in order,ready for customer inspection and delivery when the time is coming.In this area,all rail transfer wagons in good order according to different clients.

    Machine Processing Area:About this area,there are some special equipments,such as:facing machine,milling machine,radial drilling machine,turning lathe,by this instruments can make the flat smoothly of wheels ,machine processing pieces polish and drill holes.The area mainly service for the assembly area of rail transfer wagon.

    Summary:This is our complete production process of rail transfer wagon.Our building is a professional production team.Each of our staff loves their work and they are devoted to it.

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