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the advantages of our railway ferry transfer cart
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    XinXiang City Hundred Percent Electromechanical Co., LTD tell you the advantages of our railway ferry transfer cart.

    As a professional material handling solutions company,we always do our best finding the most efficient and low cost ideas for large load factory materials transfer.

    In traditional coil or roller factories,heavy load (from 1 to 50 tons),different shaped(column-shaped or irregular shaped),different diameters are the three problems for most of the coil or roller factories.forklift has its own boundedness and you need a professional driver and the load capacity is limited,Cranes can achieve almost all your needs but its expensive and limited for the space and your assembly lines.Some factories choose to use the truck to transfer the coils,more espensive than the forklift and less efficient.So we believe the railway ferry transfer may be a solving solutions.
    Especially as people care more about the environment,and environmental and low cost is the government's support operation principle.We have studied this condition for 2 years and ourtechnical engineers designed the railway ferry transfer material handling systems and can also installed the hydraulic lifting parts.Now the railway ferry transfer material handling systems has achieve 50 sets marketing own.
    Running on the railwys,the load capacity can achieve 1 to 300 tons,meet your assembly lines manufacturing needs, hydraulic lifting systems can added to achieve the dumping function.Above all, low cost and environmental railway ferry transfer choice.
    I believe our railway ferry transfer carts must have a big marketing and can solve your coil and roller transportation problems.


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