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how to choose the suitable rail guided vehicle
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    Generally speaking, the rail guided vehicle is designed to meet the needs of transfer heavy loads from one bay to another in factory. However, do you how to choose the most suitable and cost-effective one?
    1) the vehicle dimensions(length & width), if the dimensions of the rail guided vehicle is 6*3m, it is beyond a 20’ standard container(5.9*2.3m), the cost will be way much. So if the dimensions can be adjusted, please make sure it is within a 20’ standard container.
    2) Power source, there are storage battery, cable drum, dragged cable, busbar and low-voltage rails. If the rail guided vehicle is not used very often, or it is cross transportation, you can choose storage battery; If the running distance is within 200m, and it is used very often, cable drum will be a better choice; If the running distance is very short, say 20m, and the height of the rail guided vehicle is very low, dragged cable and busbar will be the preferable options.
    3) For some special cargoes needed to be transferred, such as, steel/aluminum coils, load chock needs to be equipped on the surface of the rail guided vehicle. Besides, the hydraulic lifting devices can be installed on the vehicle as well.
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