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transport solution on Offshore platform
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    With our product develop, our rail carts are applied in more and more fields. In recent days, we provide a transport solution for one client who hope to use the rail cart on offshore platform. Because transport platform needs to move, so we need to consider the equipment’s safety on the rails and avoid the equipment out of rails.

    This transport solution has the similar design with the rail cart running the ship. Last year, we design three carts which are applied on the ship. According to client’s safety consider, we design fixing device between the cart and rail mounted on the ship, collision device, anti-explosion alarm light, custom wheels, proof explosion push button pendant and remote control device. More special, there is cart which run on slope. So we choose the towed cart by winch and the cart with manual brake.

    The successful transport solution for ship makes us easily solve the cart application on offshore platform. The client also recognizes our transport solution.

    Our product£º

    BWP-20T Battery powered trackless transfer cart


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