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LX Single Girder Crane
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    Single Girder Crane is a type of industrial machine,It’s mainly used for lifting and transporting heavy things to other places.they are commonly employed in the construction sites,production halls,assembly lines,storage area,power stations,etc
    LX single girder crane is the end trucks travels on the bottom flange of the runway beam.It can maximum use the building'width.but the hook height is reduced and have higher demand for the roof loadIt's a light duty track traveling crane with electric hoist,they are run on the bottom flange of runway girder,Lifting capacity is 0.5t-10t,span is 3m-16m,working condiation is A3-A4,working temperature is -25°C to +40°C.It used to load and move goods at workshops and warehouses.It can be controlled from the ground,remote control.

    XinXiang Befanby LX single girder crane used together with CD1, MD1model electric hoist as a complete set. It is a light duty track traveling crane with trajectory which applies to and used at machinery assembling sites and warehouses. 

    This product adopts ground controlling and works at a temperature of -25-40°C. It is prohibited to use the equipment at combustible, explosive or corrosive environment.

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