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crane trolley wheels marketing analysis
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    As a annual manufacturing 2000 sets of the large load factory material transfer carts,crane trolley wheels are also the big transfer carts' parts.

    At first,most of our crane trolley wheels are bought by the third professional crane trolley wheels' manufacturers,one reason is just about the small transfer carts manufacturing capacity,the other is we don't know much about our customers need and we can not manufacture the special customized transfer carts.

    As the development of our company and our manufacturing capacity and our research and development department,now we can design and manufacture almost all the kinds of special environment' working carts.and also we learn that the needs of the transfer carts' wheel parts are also really necessary being made by ourselves just because we know better about what are the true things our customer needs.Usually the crane trolley wheels we bought from the crane trolley wheels manufacturer,causedsome problems to our customers and also for the consideration of the cost of our customers and the communciaton problems between ourselfs and the manufacturers and some wheels they also cannot manufacturing,

    from 2006 years we began to build our own crane trolley wheels manufacturing team,we bought the best manufacturing facilities and invited the professional wheels manufacturing engineers to do our director and team manager,after severay years and now we have the ability to manufacture all kinds of special trolley wheels meeting the special needs of our customers.

    Recently we received severay phones about our wheels and we have already cooperated with severay companies in the mainland.

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