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cable powered transfer car profile
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    The cable powered transfer car is powered by the cable which is installed at the bottom of the transfer car, and through the AC control system to drag the machine to start, stop, go forward and backward.The electricity voltage is 380v. The operation is 36 V safety voltage.and the method is remote controller which guarantees the safety of the operator.
    We have a professional research and design team with 14 years' manufacturing experience. According to customer's demand, transfer car with special function can be manufactured, for example, the anti-high temperature ladle car, the turning car which can make a certain turning on rails, the coil transfer car which has a specially designed table for coils, hydraulic lifting transfer car which can load and unload heavy cargoes automatically.
    So the cable powered transfer cars also can be designed to suit the bad environment, such as the high-temperature and anti-explosion condition. The cable powered transfer cars has no strict requirment for the rail, and can be used frequently. The load capacity can up to 300t. Here is something need attention, if the cable powered transfer car running distance is over 50m, a cable aranger needs to be installed to arrange the cable.The max running distance of the cable powered transfer car can reach to 200m.

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