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storage battery powered motorized transfer cart
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    BWP Series motorized transfer cart is powered by storage battery. It is a kind of motorized transfer cart running on concrete floor and transferring material within or between workshops in the factory. It has these advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use and maintain, large carrying capacity, low noise, be friendly to the environment, and good safety performance.

    The motorized transfer cart is widely used as the transportation in the workshop or across the workshops cooperated with the crane to move heavy cargo (equipment) in the machinery manufacturing, warehouse and metallurgy plant, for example, raw materials, metal casting and forging, weldment, machine processing pieces and finish product transportation. The motorized transfer cart is suitable for the working environment without power source and long distance transportation.
    BWP Series electric transfer cart apply to 24V, 36V and 48V DC. The storage battery offers the power for traction motor to drag the transfer car to run. Compared with AC motor, the DC motor is uneasy to burn and has lager start torque and overload ratio. Without cable, it is safe and reliable, not hinder cross transportation, easy to implement remote control and automation. The series transfer car is more flexible and safer than the KPJ, KPD series transfer car. And it has no limitation on the running distance.
    BWP Series motorized transfer cart is designed on the basis of the KPX Series and is a new type of transfer car powered by the storage battery under the condition without rail. This kind of transfer car can be operated together, and also can be operated separately.

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