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The safety rules during winch operation
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    The safety rules during winch operation.
    1.The voltage of motor should not exceed 5% of rated value.
    2.Do not connect the breaking reversely,when to realize humping placement, please do not manually open the power-controlled brake controller.
    3.During the winch working,the operator can not turn off the operating position.
    4.Do not transform the winch by yourselves.
    5.During operating the winch, the steel wire rope can not be dragged running on the ground, if necessary, install supporting roller or grooved roller. When still wire rope crosses driveways, protective device should be added so as to avoid persons treading on it and cars crushing on it.It is prohibited for people to cross the running steel wire rope or pass before the winch. Carrying workers on the site by the winch is not allowed.
    6.During operation, operators should focus all their attentions on working and strictly follow the rules for operation, and under urgent and risky circumstances,immediately stop their operation against risk signals like crying and calling send out by any people.After making clear the situations, continue their operation.

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