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cross-bay transfer solution
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    The BEFANBY is committed to providing the most suitable cross-bay transfer solution both home and abroad. The company has been in China for more than 14 years and is dedicated to developing and improving the best solution for our customers.


    The business scope of the company consists of the following cross-bay transfer solution: transfer car on rail tracks, electric powered transfer cart, steerable transfer cart on cement and winch/forklift towing transfer trolley. The loading capacity range is from 1 ton to 300 tons.

    The transfer solution provided is on the basis of customer's specific applications, for example, if there are two rails which is perpendicular to each other in the factory, customer can install a turntable at the crossing point and help the rail guided transfer car to turn 90 degree.

    In addition, the company's cross-bay transfer solution also includes transfer car handling special loads, such as, the hot rolled coil, ladle, heavy equipment, heavy loads, etc. The BEFANBY is owning more than 10 excellent engineers and technicians, who have been developing cross-bay transfer solution for a long time. Depending upon their experience and knowlege, they overcame many obstacles and accomplished a lot on the cross-bay transfer solution.

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