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Transfer table is a best solution for parallel rail transportation on different level position
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    Transfer table is special transfer cart manufactured by BEFANBY company.

    Transfer table also called ferry transfer car, which is made up of two or three carts. The above car is cargo handling car. The under car is transporting the cargo handling car. The handling system mainly is used to solve transportation about parallel rails on different level places. The under car just like a bridge to ferry cargo handling car to cross the trench. We designed VFD on the transfer table which is used for adjust the speed in order to accurate rail joint.
    About the transfer table, it can be powered by busbar or battery. It can be controlled by PLC control. It has box girder structure cart frame to make the cart firmer, even force.
    For the application of transfer table, it is used for crossing the channel transfer cargo in the bay.About the cargo handling car, it can be dumping transfer car, also can be hydraulic lifting transfer car. They are mainly used for transporting steel elements, coil, plate etc.

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