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The notice for use electric winch
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    When use the electric winch should be notice items as follows:

     The notice for use electric winch£º

    1,Before use electric winch , should check reducer oil, oil temperature and the sliding bearing to see if there is oil.Reducer is commonly used 30££ oil, sliding bearing used predictors oil.

    2,Should be taken before starting with the hand pull a circle of gears idle when neutral, check each parts is whether flexible rotation, paying special attention to is wether easy to use between the brake .

    3,notice for electric winch£ºTo avoid motor with damp should chock up the live bottom cushion and set canopy.

    4,When lifting heavy objects, lifting test should be carried out to check whether the firm tied cable loop and objects£¬Usually note winch rope stay on not less than three laps.

    5,The operator must be familiar with the winch’s performance and construction. Should obey the command ,when operating, non-stop people around the winch.

    6, After the electric winch stop, cut off the power controller into the zero position,.and tight the brake , relax the rope.

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