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hydraulic transfer car introduction
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    About the hydraulic transfer car, there are two kinds of cars. One is hydraulic lifting car, the other is hydraulic dumping car.
    First, let us talk about the hydraulic lifting car. For the hydraulic lifting, there are three ways: hydraulic cylinder, ball screw and jack. It’s power can be cable or battery. We can choose different lifting device as per the lifting capacity and lifting height you demand. The hydraulic transfer cars table can be lifted for whole or part.
    Application: The hydraulic lifting car can be applied in transporting on different level or workpiece process need.
The second, we explain the hydraulic dumping car. It is powered by the battery. Dumping device makes the car automatically unloading the cargo on the hydraulic transfer car. It generally is applied for crude workpiece transport and unloading.
    For hydraulic transfer cars table, if you want to transport coils, we can design the coil holder on hydraulic transfer car's lifting table.
    For these hydraulic transfer car, it can work together with other carts, such as ferry transfer car, or other same hydraulic transfer car .

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