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What factor to check crane before operation daily?
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    The following applicable items shall be checked daily, other items may is some factor to check crane as following.

    1.) Test run unit, observe operation for malfunctions
    -safety, emergency stop
    -pendant, joystick
    -correct direction of motions
    -brakes of all motions
    2.) Check for deterioration or leakage in lines, tanks, valves, drain pumps and other parts of air or hydraulic systems
    3.) Examine load hooks for wear, cracks, or damage-saddle wear (10%)
    -twist (10%)
    -throat opening (15%)
    4.) Check Hoist Rope, or Chain-end connections
    Chain- excessive wear, twist distorted links, stretch
    Rope- crushing, kinking, broken wires
    5.) Check load attachments-capacity ratings, end connections
    Chain- excessive wear, twist, distorted links, stretch
    Slings- crushing, kinking, broken wires tears
    6.) Check for excessive wear, cracks or components-hook block, sheaves, hook
    7.) Check all running ropes and chains for correct reeving-proper spooling
    8.) Check upper limit with no load

    BEFANBY company hope the factor to check crane is helpful to check crane before operation.

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