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Transfer equipment applied on painting line
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    Transfer equipment is widely applied for transportation between bays. About the painting line, there are three process: sand blasting booth, painting booth, and spraying booth. For different working environment, so they have different demand about the transfer equipment in these booths.
    Sand blasting booth is mainly used for polishing the workpiece, so there are many sands when polishing. It demand the transfer equipment anti-dusty, and electrical need to be protected. For the painting booth, after the workpiece is be polished, it will need to be painted. There are different mixed gas in the painting booth, so when the transfer equipment enters into the painting booth, and it needs to consider the anti-explosion.We will consider special design to protect the electrical.
    Regarding to the spray booth, due to high temperature in booth, so the transfer equipment’s design will need to consider the anti high temperature. After the workpiece is pained, the transfer equipment will transport the workpiece into the spray booth and make the paint dry.

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