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lifting equipment introduction
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    lifting equipment introduction is the machinery have multi-movementin in a certain range of vertical and horizontal carrying heavy material,which also called crane,belongs to the material handling machinery.The working characteristic of the lifting equipment is a sport in which a intermittent works cycles to take, it moves, unloading, the relevant agencies are to alternate work.The lifting equipment's development and applation more and more widely in the market.

    lifting equipment mainly includes the lifting mechanism, operation mechanism, trolleying mechanism, swing mechanism and metal structure, etc.

    1,Lifting mechanism is the basic working body of crane,which is mostly composed of hanging system and winch,and also have hydraulic system lifting heavy objects.
    Operation mechanism is used to moving and transporting heavy material longitudinal or adjust crane's working position, is usually composed of motor, reducer, brake, and the wheels.

    2,Trolleying mechanism only on the cantilever type crane. when boom lifted up its amplitude decreases, and when boom pitched down its amplitude increasearmed, The trolleying mechanism diviede into balance transformer and non-balance transformer.

    3,Swing mechanism is used to restore boom, which consists of driving device and rotary bearing device.

    4,Metal structure is the skeleton of a crane, the main bearings such as bridge, boom and door frame for box structure or truss structure, can also be used for the plate-web structure, some available steel can as the support beam.

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