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BEFANBY Single Girder Box Gantry Crane
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    BEFANBY single girder box gantry crane is a very common type,using the stell plate welding the box-typestructure.Theadvantage is high safety,strong riginity,etc. The single girder box gantry cranematched with CD or MD model electric hoist, it is a kind of track travelling mid
duty type gantry crane,lifting capacity is 5t to 20t,span is 12 to 30 meters,workingtemperature is -20°C to + 40°C.It's have compact structure, strong lifting weight.light dead weight and slim body,save shipping cost.It's widely used at open orroom ground and warehouses,yard etc.It's have ground controlling and roomcontrolling.

    Gantry crane is a crane with abridge supported on two legsusing a hoist or trolley.Two supportlegs support the beam, and the hoist carries objects from one point toanother points.At the support legsbottom have the runway railscan drive the crane move to differentlocations.The gantry crane have thehigh space utilization,wide operatingrange and commonly utilization,Widely used in the construction and ship building industries.
    A single-girder gantry crane lifts heavyobjects in small manufacturing units andwarehouses.These gantry cranes areequipped with wheels that can be fixed indifferent areas of a factory. The height ofthe hoist fastened under the girder in asingle-girder gantry crane is lower than that of a double-girder crane. A singlegirder gantry crane has lateral braces foradded strength.

    BEFANBY company is the professional manufacturer and supplier of single girder box gantry crane ,and this type crane have the good quality ,reasonable price,good after service,It have been exported to many contries and region,and received customer's good reputation .

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