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steel coil car transfer system
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    The BEFANBY Company manufactures a wide range of steel coil car transfer systems that operate in most several fields: shipyards, iron, metallurgy, automotive, paper mills, chemical plants, steel, aluminum industries operating in buildings, ports and construction sites, etc
    The BEFANBY Company plans and builds steel coil car transfer system, steerable transfer carts to meet Customer’s specific production flow.
    For example, a steel customer installed 2 steel processing lines in a plant. The flow of steel required that slit coils of steel pass from one bay of the building to another bay prohibiting the use of a crane for moving the steel. A steel coil car system was designed and installed to move up to 80 tons of steel at a time from the discharge of one machine to the entry point of the next machine.
    The BEFANBY Company employees direct their efforts to give prompt answers on the steel coil car, reliable products and high quality performances, early deliveries and an efficient after-sales service at disposal of all existing and future Customers of BEFANBY Company.
    The BEFANBY is committed to excellence in serving all customers with quallified steel coil car transfer system.

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