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slewing jib cranes
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    Slewing jib cranes are typically usefully in workstations. Unlike the overhead cranes, the slewing jib cranes are dedicated each to a workstation to increase the efficiency of your production.
   We provide a range of slewing jib crane from Pillar or Wall-Mounted type to Manual or Motorized type with rotation up to 360 degrees at various out reach depending on the capacity.
   Slewing jib cranes, whether they are mounted on a wall or on a column, are intelligent and inexpensive handling systems that do not require installing or modification. They are space-saving and they allow a building structure to enable transportation of goods on a three-dimensional plane.
   The slewing jib crane can use in any industrial sector: foundries, boiler works, mechanical works, paper factories and many more. These autonomic machines are the ideal complement for the traveling cranes used in every section of an industrial plant.
   The lifting device of the slewing jib cranes can be adapted to your needs.

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