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sliding conductor line--BEFANBY introduce for you
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    On the power supply in electric flat car and crane often use sliding conductor line,it’s often called security sliding conductor line.Due to the equipment are in need of electricity, and continuously transform position, to get the power supply, otherwise can't continue to mobile devices, for mobile devices connected to the power supply, some safety sliding contact line installed.

    Safety sliding contact line is sheathed, conductor, the electric appliance part of three main parts.

    Safety sliding contact line have single pole type and multipole type two types, 4 meters in length, and shape is square, deep color as orange or yellow appearance.Can be connected into any length, average safety sliding contact line connection for linear, under special circumstances, also can be made into circular arc form, etc.

    Safety sliding contact line for copper conductor qualitative, choose according to current size 10 square, 16 square, 25 square copper wire section.

    Safety sliding conductor line by electric appliances of sliding contact line is connected mobile devices and sliding contact line copper cable, through the spring tension adjusting pressure on the sliding contact line copper quality, makes the continuous power supply, if the spring pressure is too small, would have lost electricity.

    Sliding conductor line segment connection fee will increase, and now the seamless connection of sliding contact line is more, the length of the truncated according to need, changed with the condition of the joint connection.The appearance of the commonly used color is orange.

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