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How to choose the high quality rail lorry on railway?
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    Last month, our sale personnel came to factory for learning further rail lorry knowledge on site.After 3 weeks’s study, I conclude the knowledge learned as follows:
    1.rail lorry material choice. Whether steel plate thickness can bear cargo pressure, and whether cart frame is firm. We choose the steel plate as per client’s cargo heavy and design the box girder structure to prevent the table deformation.
    2. Lorry wheels process: the hardness of wheel is up to HB320-380. The material of wheel can be ZG55 or forging. The four wheels are installed on the cart, single wheel can rotates flexibly. Four wheels are on the same level. Front two wheels or back two wheels need to keep on the same straight line.
3.rail lorry polish and painting. Because the rail lorry is regular object, so there are many sharp angle. It is easy to hurt the person.So we will polish the sharp angles and make them smooth. The rail lorry’s frame need to make anti-dust process. Then paint anti-dust painting and prime painting.There are four layers painting on the rail lorry. Every painting thickness is 25-30.

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