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Classify and characteristic of trailer trolley
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Trailer trolley also named rail trolley, rail platform, ferry car etc. It is a kind of transport machine running on rails in factory. According to driving type it can divided into conductor rail type, towed cable type, battery type, Non power type, cable drum type trailer trolley.
Conductor rail trailer trolley
Characteristics: The trolley is powered from conductor rail, large load capacity, is suitable for turning rail condition.
Towed cable trailer trolley
Characteristics: Low table height, easy to loading and unloading heavy material; but the running distance cannot be too long, generally cannot exceed 100m. The cable will be wired if the it is too long.
Battery trailer trolley
Characteristics: Security, motility,flexibility.
4.Non power trailer trolley.
Characteristics: This type of trailer trolley is divided into two parts, there is no electric appliance on the main part trolley, it is placed on a separate trolley.
Usage:Washing room, shot blasting booth, painting room.

Cable drum trailer trolley
Characteristics:Without cable, it has advantages of security, not afraid of hot, not afraid of hit, not disturb crossing transportation, easy to realize remote control and automation.

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