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Choose a good electric flat trolley as choose a good husband
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Choose a good electric flat trolley as choose a good husband 

Suitable is the same as choose a good husband,must choose a contentment man.
Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd sales will patiently explain why choose this kind of product and the advantage choose this product according customer’s working plan,target price,and others demands.
When transfer coiled material,it will more suitable choose the coil transfer trolley than the common electric flat trolley.Because we installed the detachable V-type support on the coil transfer car,the V-type support can fixed coil and prevent coil from rolling when transporting heavy duty coils,at the same time,this V-type support can detachable freely,so this transfer trolley also can as the common electric flat trolley.
During transporting coils,our transfer trolley with steady speed,start/brake and turn a corner three speeds,it is decided by the coil working condition.
So,whenchoose a good electric flat trolley from our factory just as choose a good husband. 
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