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80 ton Corner-Turning Transfer Cart On-Rail
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Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd, it was entrusted by Jiangsu Longding Aluminim Industry Group Company, to design and produce Corner-Turnable Transfer Cart On-rail.
     Engineers overcome and solved technical problems, such as its travelling distance long, S-shaped track, the overlength body of cart, and short radius of corner-turning. The design scheme has been fully confirmed by Jiangsu Longding Aluminium Industry Group Company.
     Jiangsu Longding Aluminium Industry Group Company, founded in 1990s, is a manufacturer specialized in Aluminium Alloy Extrusions for build construction. The large group company is authorized to produce patented products by Aluk company from Italy. It holds two production-lines for aluminium-bar with identical level hot-casting technique, seven production-line of aluminim-alloy extrusions, two production-line of surface treatment with technique of anode oxidization and electrophoresis, two powder coating production-line made by Italy for decoration of wood grain, three production lines to produce energy-saving aluminium extrusions which contain thermal-insulation-layer, one production-line to produce energy-saving aluminium extrusions injected with plastic layer, two production-lines of powder coating made by Germany, one production line of fluorocarbon powder coating made by Randbury Japan.
    It produce specially in high grade of extrusions for doors and windows for building. Yearly production is up to 50,000 tons, most of them exported abroad.
The technical index of 80 ton Motorized Transfer Cart as follows:
Capacity: 80 ton
Power supply: storage battery
Table size: 8500*2400*1100 mm
Speed: 40 mts / min. stepless speed regulating
Wheel diameter:Φ600mm
Rail gauge: 1435 mm
Motor power: 12 kw
Operation: remote control
All the configuration is manufactured using finest quality raw material, which is sourced from the leading manufacturer of the market with UL Certificates and CE authentications.
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