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Motorized Transfer Trolley On-Rail ------ Which is the necessary transship equipment for industrial production.
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 Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd, who is the manufacturer, is specialized in transfer carts on-rail. The changeable market is always researched and investigated.
It is good at to catch market information.
According to the 12th 5-year-state-project, it developed and produced series of transfer carts£¬capacity from 5 to 300 tons. There is KPDS, DPDZ, KPJ, KPX, KPC, KPT, KP which is classified with a different power supply.
      Its radius of turning-corner is only larger than 35 meter when arc-shaped track is necessarily applied.
      Turnable table is developed for right-angle turning corner when your transfer cart is designed necessarily.
      Option of transfer cart:
Towed transfer cart on-rail
Manual transfer cart on-rail
Ladle transfer cart on-rail
Power lift and drive table on-rail
Power crane and drive table on-rail
     These carts and drive tables are widely applied for steel, foundry, non-ferrous metal mining, shipbuilding, machine manufacturing industry.
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