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Some technical support for transfer wagon
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 There are many electric transfer wagons in life, many people may only understand its functions and use, but few people know about its technical support.If we need to use electric transfer wagon better, let us have a quick look at it.

The support mode of electric transfer wagon is adopted at 8 points. The combination of this structure and the wheelbase pair can effectively reduce the height of the table and improve the stress of the frame.The frame strength is designed at 1.25 times the rated load to ensure that the frame is not deformed after a certain impact.The frame of the electric flat car is a frame constructed of four longitudinal beams and a number of beams and worktable panels.The frame longitudinal beam and beam are combined with steel and channel steel, and the workbench panel is made of high-quality carbon steel plate.The working table has a detachable inspection hole, and the two sides of the frame are equipped with four lifting holes or hooks for hoisting and turning.
The control system of electric transfer wagon has leakage maintenance switch overload maintenance and emergency power failure control elements, and the control loop is set to 24v safety voltage.The vehicle-mounted control box is installed on the lower side of the electric transfer wagon frame to maintain the function.All electrical components are high in technology and reliable contact.So it is safer and more secure.
It has five characteristics: advanced nature, safety, reliability, adaptability and energy saving.Applicable to airport, factory workshop, dock, station and various industry warehouse, as short distance transportation.Electric transfer wagon by frame, passive wheel pair, and reducer, motor and driving wheel on the electric brake, the accessory control box, sound and light alarm devices, automotive control box, power supply system, etc.
The DC motor and AC motor of electric transfer wagon have the advantage of not burning loss, starting torque and overload ability.The battery powered transfer wagon is provided by the lead-acid battery group through the cart control box to provide power to the dc traction motor on the flat car.The power supply system provides power supply for electric platform, and different models have different power supply modes.In addition, in order to minimize customers tedious work in charge and battery maintenance, it can be equipped with intelligent automatic charging machine and free lead acid storage battery.
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