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Which kind of transfer wagon is suitable for occasions where the frequency is not high
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 Generally use frequency is not high to choose battery transfer wagon is more appropriate, battery transfer wagon is a kind of electric rail vehicles transportation in plant, it is easy to use, easy to maintain, carrying capacity is strong, do not pollute the environment, etc.It is widely used in machinery manufacturing and metallurgical industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing industry and other heavy industries, as well as the transportation of heavy objects in the workshop.

The battery gives power to the dc traction motor, and the dc motor provides the power belt to drive the flat running.Compared with ac motor, dc motor has the advantage of not burning loss, great power and great overload ability.It besides have volume line power supply transfer wagon, low voltage track power transfer wagon outside the characteristics of two series of flat car, but also has greater safety and mobility, flexibility, can walk on the corners, fork, track laying on the request is not high, so the construction is convenient, cost is low.
Battery electric flat transfer wagon is mainly composed of frame system, wheel system, transmission system, battery and electrical system.
Battery electric flat logo with hand operator, generally 2 to 3 meters, through walks with electric flat transfer wagon control before and after the operation, can be more customer asks to install a wireless remote control, wireless remote control: the advantages of no need someone go with dealership, disadvantages: distance can not see the electric flat transfer wagon in front of people or goods.
Battery electric transfer wagon can be designed and produced according to customers requirements.
The customers who use battery electric flat transfer wagon need to know the site use of their own company to choose, spray paint room, drying room can choose explosion-proof battery electric flat car.
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