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The adjustment technique and maintenance method of railroad cart chain
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 1. The method of adjusting the tightness of electric railroad cart chains:

1.1. Remove the flat fork protector
1.2. Loosen the rear axle nut on both sides
1.3. Loosen the lock screw
1.4. Adjust the adjusting nut on both sides of the rear axle to pay attention to balance on both sides.
2. Maintenance of the chain
2.1. Check and adjust the tightness of the chain regularly to check whether the chain seams are blurring.
2.2. Often wipe and lubricate regularly with a small amount of oil.
2.3. If the chain is tight, adjust the chain nut according to the above method counterclockwise and move the rear wheel slightly forward.
2.4. The chain adjustment should be relaxed and suitable, the operation is flexible, the chain spring should be installed on the outside, the open end should be opposite to the direction of the movement, and should not be touched with the chain cover and crank.
3. Maintenance of lost chain
One reason may be that the chain is too loose. Please adjust the tightness of the chain.The second reason is that the sprocket, chain and flywheel are not in a plane, the maintenance method is as follows:
1. Remove the chain wheel cover and check whether the sprocket is deformed or worn.
2. Please repair and replace the chain wheel for the cause of the chain wheel.
3. Check whether the position of flywheel and rear wheel is offset and adjust if there is deviation.
4. Flywheel wear and replace flywheel.
5. Chain deformation or wear, change the chain.Note that the opening direction of the interface of the chain is opposite to that of the chain.
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