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What should be noticed when installing electromagnetic brake
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Electromagnetic brake is a low orbit accessories, is a kind of ideal of modern industrial automation equipment, mainly in the mechanical transmission system transmission power and control and other sports role, it is mainly with series motor, therefore the electric flat car factory tell me the electromagnetic brake is needed to pay attention to the installation.

1, please no moisture content, oil content, such as the electromagnetic brake is used below the condition that, if the friction parts is stained with water or oil and other substances, will thus greatly reduced the friction torque, braking sensitivity will be worse.

2. When used in many places of dust, please put the brake into the box.The electromagnetic brake below 60KGM can be used in an upright position, even if it is higher.

3. Considering the thermal expansion and other factors, the thrust of installation shaft should be selected below 0.2mm.

4. Please adjust the gap adjustment to the normal value of 20% in the installation.

5. Please keep the bracket light and do not use brake bearings under excessive pressure.

6. For the screws of assembly, please use the spring metal sheet and the other to prevent the relaxation.

7. Using the frame of the mechanical side to maintain the lead, the terminal board and other real connections are also used.

Electromagnetic brake with compact structure, simple operation, sensitive response, long service life, reliable operation, easy to implement remote control, etc, so commonly used in construction, chemical, food, elevator, ships, machine tools, stage, packaging, and other machinery.It is convenient.

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