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How do material transfer carts wheels are made?
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 An material transfer carts is the factorys preferred means of transporting heavy objects frequently, so it can be a hercules.And the most important thing for a hercules is its feet, which are its wheels, because every move is about feet.So how do material transfer carts wheels are made?

The production of material transfer carts wheels is divided into two kinds: casting and forging.
Casting process is simpler, more convenient operation, and the specific process is a easy to dissolve the heated material, make the wheel model buried in sand, sand fixation, will combine high temperature of molten iron from the top.The iron solution flows into the embryo and forms itself.
The forging process is more complicated, and the skill of the workers is higher.Forging is melted steel pieces together, and have a big pool, under sketch about elements of the wheels, began with a heavy hammer the hammer hit the softening of the steel plate into one wheel, as a word said good: the finest diamond must be cut, abrasive.Therefore, the forging process is to be hit several times to get the good quality.
The material selection of material transfer cart wheels is very important, because it is the important part of material transfer carts manufacturer in making quality electric platform.
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